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AMS has been in Boise for more than 22 years.

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Teri Ottens


Teri has over 26 years experience working for and with non-profit associations and local government agencies. This includes trade associations, public service associations, cities, counties, planning agencies, transportation organizations, and economic development groups.

Teri was a member of the Association of Idaho Cities staff for four years prior to starting Association Management Solutions in January of 1998. In the last year at AIC, she also served as Deputy Director, requiring extensive administrative skills in management, budgeting, task scheduling, legislative work and more. Her previous experience includes seven years as the Assistant City Manager in Laramie, Wyoming, two years as the Downtown Redevelopment Director in Casper, Wyoming and five years as the City Administrator of Caldwell, Idaho. In each of these positions, she utilized short and long range strategic planning, budgeting and management techniques.

Currently, Teri works with several associations providing such services as meeting and event planning, board relations, lobbying, budgeting and strategic planning. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Government from California State University at Sacramento.

Tracy Rowley

Financial Officer

Tracy worked for Rogers Seed Company for 15 years in various field and administrative positions before leaving the company to join AMS. Tracy has 15 years of nonprofit bookkeeping experience. She currently handles all the accounting for our associations.

Jamie Carrell

Deputy Director

Jamie handles our association’s day to day activities as well as keeps the office organized, answers phones and keeps track of membership records and needs. Jamie has worked at AMS for the past three years and has two years of college in Business Management and has worked in several customer relation positions as receptionist, and secretary in the past.

Jaclyn Brandt

Marketing Assistant

Jaclyn handles website design & maintenance, marketing, and strategy for AMS. She has more than 15 years of experience in media & marketing.

Troy Peltzer

Accountant (on retainer)

Troy has sixteen years experience in accounting and tax consulting in Treasure Valley. He worked for many years with a local accounting firm until starting his own business nine years ago. Today Peltzer and Associates, located in Nampa, serves a variety of customers from the Treasure Valley. Peltzer and Associates is on contract with Association Management Solutions to provide oversight, accounting and tax services upon request.

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